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Katie & Josh

 This really touches home with me. 

Katie& Josh organised their wedding in 6 weeks. Or should I say an engagement party which turns out to be the best suprise wedding ever!

I loved the idea of an engagement party turned wedding and was stoked to be a part of it. Although when I heard the wedding was put forward for a very special person in Katie's life, her Grandfather, I knew this day would be so special for them and their families.

The week of the wedding Katie contacts me to see if we could make arrangements to see her Grandfather who was now to unwell to come to the wedding. Her Grandfather had cancer. Katie's Grandfather was such an integral part of her life and the one thing she wanted most was to see him on their wedding day.

Fast forward to the day of the wedding there was not a dry eye there. You could feel the emotion. Katie's mum, step dad and husband all walked in, the footsteps the only sound down the long corridors.

Nurses came to sit her Grandfather up, with a touch hello his eyes gazed up, it was beautiful. Your Grandfather got to see you married Katie, the most perfect gift. 

A gentleman opposite Katie's Grandfather was immersed with the sight in front of him. On his bed side table was photos of him and his wife on their wedding day, something so very special to him. Seeing Katie and Josh there made him so happy. It was perfect. 

I stepped outside to talk with one of the nurses. She had tears in her eyes. She said everyone had been waiting all day for the bride and groom and that seeing Katie today has blessed him in so many ways.

Moments with them all together you could really see the bond, support and love for one another. His hand in hers not a word needed to be spoken.

A kiss goodbye, memories were made, and the most perfect gift of all was given.